Up to 30% of a refrigerator’s energy usage is wasted, on purpose!

Most refrigerators have inside them a small space heater. This heater turns on several times a day to melt all the frost that grows on the fridge. Imagine running a space heater inside a fridge – not only are you wasting energy running the heater, you end up running the fridge longer to cool it back down. It’s an obviously inefficient system, but vast majority of refrigeration systems still do it.

Betterfrost’s proprietary defrost technology eliminates the need for a lengthy, inefficient defrost cycle, and can deliver up to 30% in energy savings, improved food quality, and simpler refrigeration operations.

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Remember the last time you had to stand out in the cold and scrape the ice off your windshield?

Betterfrost is working so you no longer have to. Our proprietary windshield defrost technology instantaneously clears away all that ice with a simple press of a button so you can drive away while your neighbors stand around cleaning their windshields in the frigid cold.

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Ice Makers

It takes a lot of energy to make ice. Wouldn’t it be nice to not spend more to harvest it?

All ice-makers have two cycles – the Growth cycle where a mold is cooled so ice grows on it, and the Harvest cycle, where the mold is heated to release the ice that was grown. Using Betterfrost’s proprietary de-icing technology, the ice can be detached almost instantly, without the time-consuming and energy inefficient process of heating the mold. This reduces the energy used by an icemaker, while increasing its ice-making capacity.

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From industrial gas vaporizers, to solar panels and industrial power lines, ice and frost build-up causes unnecessary capital spending, loss in productivity, and user danger. If you have a problem with ice, and being able to detach it instantly would be valuable to you, shoot us a note! We would love to hear from you and see if our technology can help.

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About us

We are an innovative start-up developing the next generation of eco-friendly, energy-saving refrigeration and ice-management systems. Focused on solving some of the toughest technical challenges created by ice and frost, Betterfrost collaborates with industry and innovators to design and effectively commercialize emerging technologies.

Betterfrost Technologies partners with industry and innovators to bring cutting edge technologies to market. Together, we are building the next generation of eco-friendly, energy-saving ice management systems.